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The 12th Canadian Conference on

Building Science and Technology

Montreal, Quebec, Canada - May 6, 7 & 8, 2009

(conference brochure)


The 12th Canadian Conference on Building Science and Technology has been based upon the success of the previous conferences held across the country. Its successful organisation was only possible due to the immense efforts of a large group of dedicated individuals. The organising committee was drawn from the Board of Directors of the Quebec Building Envelope Council with additional QBEC members. All these individuals worked tirelessly for the benefit of this event.

The organisers of this event were very proud to be the first CCBST with bilingual documentation, website, and abstracts, as well as simultaneous translation. Another first was that the event aimed to be an “eco-responsible” event and followed Green measures to minimize its impact on the environment.

The committee would like to thank all authors who contributed papers. Their belief in the value of this conference is expressed in the hours of effort they contributed developing the high quality papers contained within these proceedings. We would like to express our gratitude for their sustained work and the resulting quality of the papers. The committee would also like to express our thanks to all session chairs for the immense work on keeping in touch with their authors over the last year, and to all who reviewed papers and provided comments under the peer review process.  We are also grateful to the sponsoring organisations. Their financial contributions ensured the success of the conference. Their belief in the value of this event speaks of the importance that building science carries in the Canadian building industry. We would like to thank our five BEC brothers of Canada, namely the BECOR, OBEC, ABEC, MBEC and BCBEC for their support in promoting the event, and their willingness to share their expertise in organizing this conference. Also, a special thanks to the Institute for Research in Construction, for the registration services. 

We want to specially acknowledge the time and materials invested by the various corporations employing the organizing and scientific committee members. These companies have donated significant support to NBEC which must be recognized.


Chair - organising committee

Mario D. Goncalves, Eng

Patenaude-Trempe Inc.

Chair - scientific committee

Dominique Derome, PhD








The 12th Canadian Conference on Building Science and Technology is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors




Special thanks to our PLATINUM sponsor - Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation for their contribution and support







For this 12th Canadian Conference on Building Science and Technology, the National Building Envelope Council of Canada and the Quebec Building Envelope Council wanted to organise an exemplary sustainable event by implementing measures to meet zero waste and carbon neutrality objectives.

After the event, the total equivalent GHG emissions were calculated in order to have a better idea of the emissions actually generated. The GHG generated by the event were then compensated by purchasing certified carbon credits and planting trees through an accredited program (see sustainability report here).

We now challenge the organizers of future conference to start where we left off and do even better!